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Hey There

I`m Jasper a Viking looking self taught artist living in West Yorkshire. Focusing mainly on drawing women and nature using pencil and pastel. Using my talent to make people happy,  whether its a pet portrait or a custom piece I`m always drawing something if someone likes the finished piece then I`ve done a good job.

All About Me

  Like most people I did the usual art at school but did not think I was any good and left school going in to the world of work. I did various jobs over the years from warehouse operative to security guard, delivery driver and even tried car sales. While doing shift work I found I had a bit of spare time which was not great for me as I need to be busy. So to stop the boredom I started to doodle. Mainly flowers at first and a bit of landscape I never took it serious it was just something to keep me focused. As friends saw my work I started getting requests for card designs; flowers, teddies, cute stuff. This soon lead to attempting portraits which after some practice did improve.

  Eventually I took the chance which you are now reading. 


                                                                                        Jasper Oaks

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07902 366774



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